Fire and Emergency Procedure Club Premises and Boat Sheds

This policy outlines what to do in the event of discovering a fire in the club premises or boat sheds.

Alarm If you discover a fire or other emergency and the alarm is not already sounding sound the alarm using one of the break glass alarm call units located in the clubhouse if it is safe to do so. Failing this or if the fire is in one of the remote boat sheds the alarm should be raised by shouting fire!

Evacuate  Evacuate the building as quickly as possible and ensure everyone is out paying special attention to persons with a disability and those who may be using the showers and therefore slower to respond. Close doors behind you. Only use a Fire Extinguisher if it is safe to do so.

On evacuation, sheds/changing rooms/committee room should be checked. This may be done by checking the door and banging on it and calling out.

Do not attempt to re-enter  the  building. The fire assembly point is the centre of the Piazza Terracina at the head of the canal basin. If numbers permit someone should be appointed to prevent others from entering the premises perhaps on their return from activity on the water as long as this can be done from a safe distance, perhaps the opposite side of the canal.

Roll Call Determine as far as possible if there is anyone left in the building , be ready to give this information to the fire brigade.

Call  Call the fire brigade by dialing 999 and report your location as Exe Water Sports Centre,  62 Haven Road Exeter EX2 8DP or Unit 3 or 4 Maclaines Warehouse Canal Basin Exeter, EX2 8GR. Use the phone in the bar area if safe to do so, a mobile phone or a neighbours phone.


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