Photographic & Filming Equipment Policy

EWSA recognises that publicity and pictures/recordings of young people enjoying their sports and social activities are essential to celebrate the achievements of the club(s) and to promote the sport(s) and a healthy lifestyle. However it is important to observe the following guidelines.

The key concerns regarding the use of images of children and young people relate to:

  • The possible identification of children when a photograph is accompanied by personal information.
  • The inappropriate use, adaptation or copying of images for use on child pornography or illegal websites.
  • The taking of inappropriate photographs or recorded images of children.

Guidelines for Photographic/ Recorded Images

  • Ensure parents/ guardian/ young person have granted their consent for the taking and publication of photographic images.
  • All children featured in recordings must be appropriately dressed with outer clothing garments covering torso from at least the bottom of their neck to their thighs (i.e. a minimum of vest/ shirt and shorts).
  • The photograph or recording should focus on the activity rather than a particular young person and personal details, which might make the young person vulnerable, such as their exact address, should not be revealed.
  • Clubs, coaches and volunteers should be allowed to use video equipment as a legitimate coaching aid and means of recording special occasions however care should be taken in the dissemination and storage of the material.
  • You should not use any images of a child or young persons who is the subject of any court order or who has denied you their consent.
  • Parents and spectators taking photographs/ recordings should be prepared to identify themselves if requested and state their purpose for photography/ filming.
  • Any instances of the use if inappropriate images should be reported to the Club, EWSA safeguarding officer or the Police.

Guidelines for Publishing Photographic/ Recorded Images

  • If a photograph is used, it is appropriate to name the child. However, personal details of children such as an email address, home address and telephone numbers should never be revealed on a website or in print.

Think about the level of consideration that you give to the use of images in all publications, for example the process used in choosing photographs for a publicity brochure for the club. Apply an increased level of consideration to the images of children used on websites.


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